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Vaidas Šaukimas – photography service – photography all over Lithuania.

Hello, I am a photographer Vaidas Šaukimas. Photography – is not work for me, this is my field where I can open myself, experiment and continuously improve my work. Sometimes it is said that photography is for those who do not have memories, but it seems to me that a professional photographer can create the best memories that will remain for a long time.

Each of us wants to make the most important moment of his life to last and that it should be done by a professional hands and from an artist's gaze. Photographer services can provide it. I have many years of experience shooting christenings, weddings, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, artistic, personal photo shoots. During that time I learned to create pretentious photography and keep improving it.

If you need service of a professional photographer to make exceptional memories last - I'm at your service. I prefer non-commercial photography and persistence; I always suggest facilities to my clients according to their means.

Photographer Vaidas Saukimas
+370 623 11319